Do You Need a Google+ Invite? Holla!

20 07 2011

I could not help but feel like the curious little monkey whose best friend is the man with the yellow hat as I read post after post about Google+ on blogs, tweets and websites. I pleaded with others to grant me access to this new time-draining realm of  the electronic water cooler (thank you Andy for the invite!). Now that I have gained access, I am eager to start capturing the potential of the site. I have no doubt that Google+ will become a new stop on my daily computer commute through the countryside of the internet. When I have tweaked my profile a bit, I’ll announce my GRAND OPENING! Surely you can’t wait. Until then, if you want a Google+ invite, click on over to and click the “contact” link. Email me a request with “Google+ invite” in the subject line and I will send out invites until Google shuts me down. Be sure to add me to your circles, I look forward to seeing you in a hangout in the future. My Google + URL is

Catchy, no?



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